Supporting those new to our community

Now through December 17th - extended to 22nd for Providence

All That Matters Yoga Studios

This year we will be collaborating with the Refugee Dream Center which is a wonderful local non profit organization that works with families served by Women's Refugee Care as well as other refugee communities.   

Each studio is supporting 1-2 refugee families. Information about each family is at the studios. Most have many children and have arrived here in the last year or two from living in refugee camps for many years. 


How to help

  1. Take a gift tag from the Giving Tree. It has the person’s name, age, and requested gift.

  2. Bring the new and unused gift to the studio with the gift tag attached to it.

  3. The gift can be wrapped or unwrapped.

  4. Place gift and attached gift tag in the gift bin.

  5. If all the gifts tags are taken, please consider gifting some of the suggested items below.

  6. Allow yourself to recognize the generosity of your act and enjoy the upwelling of good feeling!


For ideas, consider this list of items that are most needed:

  • socks

  • underwear

  • gloves/mittens

  • hats

  • pajamas

  • school supplies

  • cleaning supplies (detergent, etc)

  • ​sets of sheets

  • towels

Gift Cards are also accepted to Walmart, Ocean State Job Lot, Price Rite, Old Navy, (any inexpensive store).



Providence, RI, USA