Community Matters is a calling to action -- an invitation, inspired by Love, brought to life by teacher-yogis, and supported by All That Matters, to extend the practice of Yoga beyond the mat, beyond the walls of our studio space, and into the beautiful, messy community surrounding us.  Together, Community Matters initiates an integrative journey through the practice of Karma Yoga to live the teachings of the yogic tradition. 

Karma Yoga is the yoga of action, of doing, of being in the world and being part of its workings. The Path of Action is the practice of walking your talk, aligning your actions and choices with your values. It is a path where one operates under the deep knowing that everything we do or say has an effect on the world. Karma is not limited to individuals, but spreads also to communities, countries, even the planet. 

No one, not even for an instant,

Can exist without acting….

Without concern for the results,

Perform the necessary action;

Surrender all attachments,

Accomplish life’s highest good.

~ Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3

The Action of Community Matters is a Seva (or selfless service) program, which will introduce, every 4 months, a Providence-area not-for-profit organization to the All That Matters studio community.  Together, we seek to learn about social issues and needs, and make offerings in service of the people impacted and the partner organizations that exist to uplift our greater community.   There is the potential for this to be through fundraising, donations, volunteerism, education, learning, and, most of all through the spirit of community and open hearts and minds   

For 2018, here are the organizations Community Matters will be partnering with:

The Seva program will be organic and individually inspired.  What has been birthed and nurtured by inspired yogi-teachers does not have a script or pre-determined outcomes.  Rather it is a loving-kindness offering of a vision, a devotion, and a calling to expand the boundaries of our Yoga practice, and welcome in greater intention, peace, understanding, hope, and relationships.  The seeds have only been planted.  Community Matters and the Seva program will evolve and shift based on need and what each individual is called to contribute.  This is the beauty of Karma Yoga – of action without attachment to outcome.  

Together, we act.  Together, we lift each other up. Together, we help the community grow and thrive.  Your action matters.  Our community matters.  Join in Action with Community Matters.




Providence, RI, USA